In various cultures, jasmine flowers symbolize love, romance, and sensuality. Delicate jasmine blossoms in particular hold the symbolic meaning of purity and motherhood, as well as honor and respect.
Our Delicate Jasmin Shorts will accompany you in this journey, whether it is a high intensity workout to release inner tension, spiritual yoga session or relaxing walk in the park… Besides the high waist, Delicate Jasmin Shorts come with an extra scrunch bum booty to accentuate your assets.
In our Delicate Jasmin Shorts you will be a queen of comfort and will recharge your batteries with style. Pair it with Delicate Jasmin Top!
Designed for: Workouts, Luxe Athleisure
Fabric Info: 86,42 % Polyamide, 13,58% Elastane
Wash instructions: 30°C / Do not use softener / Do not dry tumble
Color Palette: Baby Blue
Features & Benefits:
Designed for Workouts, Luxe Athleisure
High waist
Scrunch butt
Right level of compression
Flexible & breathable fabric
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