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We understand that it's not easy to get everything right on the first try, which is why we want to offer you a smooth return experience. You have the right to return one or more products and be refunded.

You have the right to return your purchase within fourteen (14) days. In the event that you return a product, the product must be sent to Fitness4happyness within 14 days from the time at which you received your return documents via email from our customer service.

- The product must be unused and in the same new condition as when it was received.

- The product must also be in its original packaging, with intact labels.

If you wish to return a product, please contact us by e-mail and specify which products you'd wish to return. We'd be happy to send you the required documents for your return.

A refund

After your product is received by us and has successfully passed the check for the conditions of return, our specialists will issue a refund. If the product was paid for on the website by credit card or other methods of making online payments, the funds for the product will be returned in the same way to the same account. You will receive your refund at the latest 14 days from the moment the item arrives to us.

Order claims

We strive for all Fitness4happyness products to be of the highest quality. If an item in your order appears to be defective, we request that you file a complaint as soon as the defect has been noticed. According to the Consumer Purchase Act, as a consumer, you must register a complaint regarding a defect within a reasonable time, and as soon as you have discovered the defect. Defects that are discovered on goods within a reasonable time, 1 month, are valid complaints. The defect must be an original production error. Issues caused by normal wear are not eligible for complaints. If you wish to start a complaint, please send a picture and add a description of the discovered defect over email:

If you have any questions, please contact us in any convenient way:
Phone: +491606303378
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